Top 5 tips to get outta a funk

Number one! SELF Tanner! Seriously we can all agree that having a bronzed glow makes you feel just more fearless and beautiful. It literally makes you feel just on top of your game. Sharing my favorite ones here! But my go-to for the last year and a half our these tan luxe face drops. _ here’s the 411… after you wash your face, you’ll place a drop in your moisturizer. Then apply and massage into your face! The next day your skin is definitely showing a summer glow! (PS WASH your hands after).

Number two: Jam to some tunes! No, this doesn’t mean going and listening to sad love songs… you need a song like “Perfect Day” by Hoku. The Legally Blonde opening song! or like “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Number three: Ditch the phone and breathe in the beauty! We need to have time away from our go go go atmosphere…. and go on a walk… and don’t take your phone! Remember, take some deep breaths and get outside in nature.

Number four:
write it down! Maybe it’s just me, but I love specifically writing out a to-do list… and the best part is to cross it off! Honestly, i put the little things on my to-do… like drinking water… 5 minutes of breathing… and I will even put stuff on there I have already done… and cross it off….
if your not into a to-do type list… maybe write down a few things you are grateful for. And with that being said… maybe it’s the little things… like the ice to keep your water cold, or your cozy bedsheets!

Number five: Laugh! Or smile! On my Pinterest page, i have a board just for funny memes, whether it’s related to nursing or just something i find funny! Or go check out Ellen DeGeneres youtube if you missed her show! Or maybe it’s watching light comedy, so perhaps you watch Full House, or Everybody Loves Raymond or Family Guy! Sometimes even though you have seen the episodes multiple times, it can still make you smile!

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