embrace mistakes

What is a mistake?

To be wrong about something, or an error. I’m sure that all of us have made a mistake, maybe a few or maybe a zillion. Some of our mistakes may be more important than others. Mistakes could be little or big. I have made mistakes at work, I am a nurse I work in the critical care unit, It’s a lot of pressure to not F&&K up. But guess what I do! I have made mistakes in my own personal life, with my family and friends, I have made mistakes from driving and not waiting my turn at a four-way stop to messing up on a cake recipe. We all have had our own ideas of what we consider to be a fail.
I can tell you in my lifetime, and I am only 25, I have made zillions of mistakes. Some little, some small, some cause me great anxiety and some cause me great sadness. When I feel guilty or resentful I just don’t know what to do with myself. For me what has helped the most when I feel anxious or overwhelmed with feelings, I really like to talk to someone. For me talking to someone just makes me feel better. Of course, I usually call my auntie, boyfriend, or a close friend! Even though the feeling inside me is overwhelming at the time, most of my mistakes our good intentions. I believe in a great power in this world that makes me feel good when I say everything will all be okay.

I have learned that even though we make mistakes, we just have to learn how to own it. After making a mistake there may be consequences for your actions, take them and move on. From mistakes, I get a wakeup call I realize like “hey what happened”, “what went wrong?” This is the time to reflect on it! Take the situation and realize how you could have made it different.
Now I get I made a mistake but now what how do I fix it? I mean there are a zillion different types of mistakes. In my personal experience, I think an apology admitting you were wrong, explaining your situation or side of the story, is my best advice. It’s important to be sincere in your apology and when explaining your side of the story. It’s okay to admit you are wrong. The biggest thing is you can’t change or dwell on the past. Most importantly embrace the fact you messed up and take the next steps forward.

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