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fall fashion must haves

Fall fashion and styles you want to be wearing this year sharing my top 5 fall fashion must haves. 1. A good pair of booties! Number one whether you live in Arizona and never see snow or live in the midwest. I recommend having a nice pair of booties. This is a pair

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The best makeup and beauty products for nurses.

Everyday Beauty & Makeup Must Haves for All Nurses

Nurse Beauty Essentials I’m sharing with you my three beauty secrets that I use every day as a nurse. Now, I will be honest… I never wear much makeup to work in general. And now, with Coronavirus everyone is wearing a MASK; you typically can’t see over half your face

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The Best Everyday Tennis Shoes for Nurse

Why Hoka Tennis Shoes Are the Best Shoes for Nurses & Everyday Use I am sharing my famous running, walking, everyday, and nursing shoes. I work as a nurse three days a week, long 12-hour shifts. When one’s profession is considered to be on your feet or standing all day

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