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I’m sharing with you my three beauty secrets that I use every day as a nurse. Now, I will be honest… I never wear much makeup to work in general. And now, with Coronavirus everyone is wearing a MASK; you typically can’t see over half your face anyway.

1. Mascara

Mascara will not last without a good primer.

As healthcare workers occupied for over 12 hours a day, we need to have a good mascara that will last. I have found that whatever mascara I do use, it always is more effective with a primer.

I have two favorites one drugstore and one higher end.

L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Primer 

Marc Jacobs Velvet Lash Primer

2. Chapstick.

Working long hours, of course, you need an excellent chapstick. I know there are plenty of great ones out there. I would recommend having a “stick” option compared to one you dip your finger in, especially at work. I also recommend a Chapstick holder! Yes, I know it sounds funny. But I actually got this little keychain Chapstick holder as a gift, and I LOVE IT. It’s perfect because how often do you put Chapstick in your pocket to lose it?! All the time!!! This way you can attach the ring to your work badge or side of your nursing bag, and it’s easy to access!



(I love these brands because they have SPF in them) –

Why can’t Burt put SPF in his pink grapefruit Chapstick?


3. A good face moisturizer

Have you heard of TULA skincare?

Now maybe you have never heard of TULA skincare before or you have seen that all the bloggers and influencers are talking about it! With so many people talking about it and sharing discount codes, I was at first hesitant to try!

But currently, I’m hooked on this stuff! Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This everyday moisturizer has UVA & UVB protection, so not only protecting from the sun but also the blue light from computer and phone screens. This moisturizer has a bit of glow, which I think can compliment anyone. Now I understand why everyone on Instagram is raving about how good this stuff is. As healthcare providers, we work long shifts; we need something that can last and also super lightweight on our skin!

If you’re a first time user you can sign up and receive a 15 % off discount! 

I wear these three beauty faves every day, and I especially love them for the days I work. I don’t wear makeup to work… and how can you ?? Everyone is wearing a mask the whole time… lols.

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