why you need to drink water first thing when you wake up

First thing I do when I wake up. I chug 1 liter of water. Yes, one full liter.

Surprisingly we have all heard how important water is for us!

Most importantly helps to hydrate you! Most likely, you slept through the night and got a good 7-9 hours of sleep. That’s a pretty hefty amount of time without any water for the body! So first thing in the morning is a must.

Plus, this helps start your metabolism! Hello, I’m always down for burning more calories throughout the day!!

Staying hydrated helps with foggy thinking, confusion, and excessive tiredness. It’s also shown the dehydration can make one’s skin look dry and wrinkly. I am all about keeping my skin clear, And I’m not saying just like my face but my thighs, glutes, and belly! You know how good water is supposed to help tighten and smooth skin! Needless to say! Chug up!

Water benefits include flushing toxins out of your body! Yes, this is essentially what your kidneys do as well, but think of it as with extra water you’re helping your kidneys! As well as helping all your other body functions. Including the colon, helps your body be able to absorb more nutrients! Especially the night before, you may have had a glass of wine. Wine, as well as alcoholic beverages, can be very dehydrating to the body.

 I don’t know about you! But if I don’t have water and my caffeine in the morning I will get a headache, bad. And the last thing I need at work or when I’m off is to have a headache. I think it’s absolutely the worst, put’s me in a mad mood and all I want to do is a nap. I know for me I have trained my body with water and coffee in the morning to start my day on a good note.

BUT wait, Sara. I know water is good for me but I just hate the taste of water? I hate the feeling that I have to pee twenty times a day.

Yes, I get it, trust me! I have been there.

No excuses gals, There are zillions of different ways to flavor your water. I prefer using a lemon. There is also Himalayan salt, yes salt, helps with those electrolytes. Miyo is a brand can buy at most grocery stores, crystal light, Gatorade, Powerade. And those horrible hangovers grab some Pedialyte.

Now with constantly having to go to the bathroom, look I get it. I am a nurse I work 12-hour shifts, and my co-workers definitely notice how much I go pee. When I am not at work and running errands, I usually have it scoped out what bathrooms meet my cleanliness requirements to squat and pee. Usually, when I go to the gym, I may not even have to pee, but I will go anyways if I’m running to make a few errands after my workout

Essentially wake up and start drinking water. There are a zillion articles on why you need to drink water, there is research shown on all the benefits. Now if you’re struggling to drink your water in here are my tips!

1. challenge yourself to drink a glass of water before your morning coffee!

2. I know you have all seen it on Pinterest where they but lines with times across your bottles? that works too! I also challenge my co-workers at work.

I am a nurse and we are usually running around like crazy busy. But we challenge our selves! SO do it with your friends, your family, your partner, etc.

3. YOU MUST have a fun water bottle. I have multiple ones I like. I have a hydro flask, a camelback, a Starbucks tumbler! I suggest having more than one because sometimes you lose them, leave one at work, leave one in the car, etc. Also with a fun water bottle, we are refilling them! And nowadays I feel like many places have water available to refill. Gyms, airports, malls, I have even seen them at the pool. Plus most places you go and ask nicely for water they are willing to give you a glass.

4. Add lemon! I’m obsessed with my lemon squeezer

With a water bottle, not only are we refilling it with water, instead of wasting a plastic bottle or wasting another 3 dollars for some water. Water from a bottle is not cheap unless you’re buying a case from Costco.

Start carrying your water bottle around like it’s your security blanket!

Thanks for hanging out with me. Hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts today. Thanks for hanging out with me.


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