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The Best Dry Shampoo For Thin & Fine Hair

Sharing the #1 Dry Shampoo & Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair If you are washing your hair every day… WE CAN’T BE FRIENDS. (But seriously like, how do you even have time to wash it every day?!?) I, and many others, can go up to days without washing it. Greasy

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the truth about the jade roller

Okay… Maybe HATE is a little too harsh.  I truly believe in it! I actually love facial massage I think it really helps with the puffiness in my face, especially after eating lots of salty foods. I think using your hands to  massage your face helps to release the tension.

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details about the sephora sale

Unlocking Beauty: Embrace the Sephora Saving Event Welcome to the ultimate haven for beauty enthusiasts and skincare aficionados! The Sephora Sale is back, promising a treasure trove of stunning discounts and irresistible offers. This exclusive event is a beauty enthusiast’s dream, featuring a myriad of coveted makeup brands, luxurious skincare

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