the truth about the jade roller

Okay… Maybe HATE is a little too harsh.  I truly believe in it! I actually love facial massage I think it really helps with the puffiness in my face, especially after eating lots of salty foods. I think using your hands to  massage your face helps to release the tension. I do a facial massage every day! Now I typically facial massage everyday just alone by using my hands and fingers to apply on lotions, serums, or oils on my face.

So have you heard of the Jade Roller, technically its suppose to help with facial massage and lymphatic drainage. So that jade roller essential is a facial massage tool and is also supposed to help smooth out wrinkles or fine lines. So, I bought a jade roller a few summers ago, I just didn’t feel like it was affective. I just felt like I was placing a tiny rolling pin on my face.

 But then I was referred the Gua Sha stone and I just love it! So similar to the Jade Roller it is a stone, however it has a unique shape.  And the shape of this stone is key and helps to manipulate the skin better.

I’m not sure if there’s something special about the jade roller I am missing, or is this just another product people are trying to sell? I wouldn’t recommend buying a jade roller. I think you could do better with your hands, the Gua sha tool.

So curious to know if you have tried or like the jade roller?! Or maybe you could tell me I’m doing it all wrong?! Also sharing one of my favorite face oils Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula skin therapy oil! It is pretty oily, but I have pretty dry skin I like to put it on in the morning as i do my facial massage while im drinking my coffee or in night I love to put it on before I sleep.

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