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The best makeup and beauty products for nurses.

Everyday Beauty & Makeup Must Haves for All Nurses

Nurse Beauty Essentials I’m sharing with you my three beauty secrets that I use every day as a nurse. Now, I will be honest… I never wear much makeup to work in general. And now, with Coronavirus everyone is wearing a MASK; you typically can’t see over half your face

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my top 3 face wash products

These are my top three face wash products I constantly go back to! I definitely like to try new stuff when there is a sale and every now and then! but for some reason I always go back to these products. Number one! If I had makeup on i always

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how to remove makeup correctly

I am a big fan of washing my face, especially to get all the makeup off my face before I go to bed. I think it is sooo important to get all the makeup off your face and have clean skin before you lay down to sleep for a good

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