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I am a big fan of washing my face, especially to get all the makeup off my face before I go to bed. I think it is sooo important to get all the makeup off your face and have clean skin before you lay down to sleep for a good 6-8 hours. But I wanna talk to you about what I have been using to wash my face and no, it’s not makeup wipes. Lately I have been using ELEMIS cleansing balm, its an oil-based face wash and makeup remover. Listen up to why you need to be using oil based face wash to wash your face!

Top tips!

*You must MASSAGE the oils into your face to pull out the old bacteria.
*Using oils is less harmful than using makeup wipes or foaming cleanser. Those may be harsh and strip away face’s natural oils and can also push the dirt or makeup deeper into the pores without massaging them out.
*Using oils to wash your face helps prevent stripping away natural skin surfactants!
*Likes dissolve likes. AKA Oils dissolve oils. While it may sound odd, using natural healthy oils on your skin can help to break down the dirty oils on your face by replaces them with natural good oils.

After you have taken the time to massage the oils into your face and decrease the bloat in your face, wait about 2-5 minutes before removing the oil. DO NOT scrub this off your face! Use a warm washcloth, or if you’re in the shower use warm water, and gently glide it off your face. You still want your face to feel smooth with a light layer of oil. I have seen many people rave over using oils to clean their face and my current absolute favorite is from Elemis  Pro-Collagen or Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm

 I apply a small amount to my hand and start at my nose working it outward to get all the makeup off my face. I don’t like to scrub or exfoliate my skin until I gently remove my makeup. Exfoliating right away can cause harmful bacteria to get caught in your pores.  This just tends to make your face more irritated and studies have shown it can cause more irritation and pimples or blackheads. Now even though I use an oil-based cleanser, honestly sometimes I can’t get off the mascara. That’s when I use Garnier Fructis cleansing water. I apply it with a Q-tip and just do it above my eyes!


*** An oil-based cleanser is not for everyone. I would recommend doing a patch test first. Some oils can clog pores, irritate your skin, or may cause a reaction. Sometimes it takes 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to putting oils on your face! I would start with a small area or even your hand and see how your skin reacts.  Look into an oil-based face wash. Let me know your thoughts below! What are some of your favorite makeup removing cleansers?


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