my top 3 face wash products

These are my top three face wash products I constantly go back to! I definitely like to try new stuff when there is a sale and every now and then! but for some reason I always go back to these products.

Number one!

If I had makeup on i always start of with the cleansing balm and warm water to take it off, typically Ill do it twice! If I don’t have makeup on I still love to use this on my face as my as my first wash before exfoliating. I have tried other cleansing balms but this is by far my favorite! 

Number two!

Second I go in with my exfoliating cleansing scrub! The reviews on amazon are amazing! I have other face wash products I like… But I always tend to go back to this one.

Number Three!

After pat drying my face, I think a toner is essential and if I don’t use a toner I feel like my face notices. This is a basic toner, but has amazing reviews! ( and again one I always tend to grab again)

PS. If I have extra eye makeup on I typically go in with the  skin water makeup remover!




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