ways to stay on track during the holidays

I love to be able to get together with close friends and family, play games, drink, and be merry. AND hello, I always love some Christmas shopping. However, I use to HATE Christmas. I KNOW! But listen, I would get so much anxiety during the holidays. Not about being with my family, but being around all kinds of yummy sugary, car-by, food. Food still can give me anxiety at times, but I have found a much better way to tackle the holiday season with these tips below!

1. DRINK WATER! again I can’t stress how important it is to just wake up and chug some water! (lemon water) Helps your body flush toxins out, helps you stay hydrated, help digestion!

2. Exercise! Now with the weather getting colder and you just want to stay cuddled up inside all day, getting up and moving always makes me feel better. I am currently loving Orange Theory Fitness, and I love it, even more is because it’s a CLASS! So sign up for a workout class and hold your self-accountable. What is great about OTF, and many other places, if you cancel your class last minute, it charges you a fine of like 12 bucks! SOOO you definitely are more motivated to go or you lose your money!

Another thing I like to do is Intermittent Fasting.. I share all about it here. I realize if I do eat breakfast then I am starving again within the hour. Especially during the holidays when you may have eaten more the day before, try and give your digestive tract a break from actually eating… You don’t have to intermit fast the full 16 hours, maybe for you its 10 or 12 hours…

3. When attending holiday events, parties at work, get-togethers, bring a dish! Bring something you know you would like to eat, and maybe it will be a healthier alternative. NOW it doesn’t have to be fruit or veggie tray, or salad. Bring something you like to eat and wouldn’t feel guilty for eating.

4. Try to listen to your body! If you’re full, you don’t need to keep eating. Sometimes I can get into this mindset where I can eat everything in sight and its okay because tomorrow “I’ll start over!” I am sure you have heard that before… BUT STOP. NO. Don’t think like that. If you’re full from eating, recognize the message from your body and know that the yummy food will still be there tomorrow.

5. EAT and enjoy your self! It’s okay to splurge on the holidays! I know some of my coworkers, who are mother figures to me, get offended if I don’t eat their delicious food they bring for me! (And YES it is delicious!) Try new foods, new dishes, new drinks! Spend and enjoy time with your friends and family!

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